4 selling techniques to make more money

Working in the real estate business offers excellent career possibilities and closing deals. However, dealing with the public interested in buying real estate requires the mastery of some important selling techniques that help to reduce the bureaucracy and make the approach more direct for consumers, providing better negotiations.

Therefore, in this post we will present 4 sales and customer relationship techniques that can help brokers close more sales and better meet their clients’ expectations, achieving success in their commercial transactions! Keep following!

1. Know your customer, try to understand them and be helpful

A very important fact to know how to apply the correct techniques with each client is to first get to know them. For this, it is essential that you take a friendly approach, smiling at him, showing empathy, waiting for him to say what he needs and being open to listening to him.

Therefore, it is always necessary to present yourself as a solution provider, someone who is interested in customer satisfaction and in solving their problems, not just in the profits and commissions you will have with the sale of the property.

It is also necessary to know well the properties that you have, to know how to advertise them correctly, both for your client portfolio and for new ones who arrive by prospecting or looking for real estate (on the internet, for example). It is necessary to respond promptly to the demands and doubts of the clients (answer the emails that the client sends, return the calls, and quickly schedule visits, and so on).

2. Use email marketing strategically

To keep the customer interested in the purchase, it is necessary to accompany them throughout the purchase journey, encouraging them to continue through the steps until the effective closing of sales and providing them with useful information about each business possibility they have with their company. Real estate.

The idea is to provide him with good options to analyze the purchase, show that he has the properties he is looking for and the news that comes up and can serve him better. E-mail marketing serves to notify customers as the site is updated, including addressing news about financing and other matters that are interesting for customers to close sales.

It is necessary to use the email marketing tool with relevance, with content that the customer is interested in opening and that is not classified as spam. For this, it is necessary to segment the public well (it is possible to ask the customer to refine preferences – location, price, when searching for the site, for example) and show a good relationship between cost and benefit in the offers that they present.

3. Worry about after-sales

Ever! Even though the sale was initially closed, the customer cannot feel abandoned. If you have sold a property, it is necessary to give all the support to the customer in the after-sale, until everything is properly finalized and the customer is shown to be totally satisfied, so that he can have a good reference of his work.

4. Build good relationships and a good network

In addition to the confidence and good indication that you can gain from this, this same client can return more often to your real estate to do new business, whether it be buying, renting (since this may even be his intention with the purchase of the property) in question), exchanges, construction and developments, and so on. Worrying about the after-sales, in fact, is a great differentiator among brokers.

Building good relationships in the market and providing attentive and quality service is certainly one of the main keys to the success of any broker, and will help you to earn more money in the long run and to perpetuate a successful career! The networking you acquire, including referrals, is important to generate new business opportunities.

What about you, what techniques do you currently use to approach your customers and present your options in an attractive way? What are the main obstacles you face in this regard? Share your experience with us!