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5 Real Estate Questions Every Broker Should Know

News about the Brazilian economy and politics always affects the real estate market, thus causing the offers of real estate, interest rates on financing, applications and even the motivation of buyers to change according to their variations.

Understanding all this ensures that the broker manages his chances of conversion,  transmits knowledge to his clients  and even knows how to manage his earnings so as not to pass financial restrictions in times when there are less commissions to be received.

Do you want to know how to analyze the real estate market with a strategic vision? We have listed some indispensable issues for you to master. Check out.

1. Management and customer relationship

It is likely that you have already read that the relationship with the customer is important in several contexts, but in this case, the vision is more detailed. The real estate market is going through ups and downs under the influence of the macroenvironment, that is, changes that affect the country as a whole.

However, when managing and creating a close relationship with the customer, it may be possible to understand how the variations in the policy or economy affect their reality. So paying special attention to contacting the prospective buyer can ensure that the real estate agent is able to collect the information he needs to close a sale.

2. Use of management software

Customer relations involve a lot of information, but this is not the most complicated part of real estate brokerage. It is still necessary to create visit schedules, optimize working time, overcome bureaucracies and be on top of the updates of the real estate portfolio available in your region.

If, in the past, this was easy to do, with the volume of information and customers, without the support of technology to automate some steps, creating search filters for properties and other solutions, carrying out this monitoring is almost impossible.

3. Identification of market trends

Knowing what the market trends are, the areas they are valuing and the characteristics of the properties that buyers will be looking for also ensures that the broker is prepared to positively surprise his clients.

In the past decades, properties with two or more parking spaces have risen due to the heating of the economy and the possibility that buyers had to own more than one car. However, nowadays, there is already an opposite movement, albeit a subtle one, of people who prefer to use travel apps or even rent a car to make their trips. Would it be a trend of valuing apartments with a parking space, for example, and using the space in other leisure environments?

4. Importance of online presence

Social networks, discussion forums and information sharing should also be taken into account in the real estate market. Potential buyers use social media massively, and starting a business relationship with them can be simpler.

In addition, it is a more economical means of promotion and allows to offer relevant knowledge to buyers who, later on, will facilitate it at the time of sale. It is important to say that this will also strengthen the broker’s authority as a professional who is involved and understands details about the market in which he operates.

5. Understanding of real estate market indicators

Every 45 days, the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) meets to calibrate the Selic rate, which, among other things, points out the government’s optimism towards the economy and, of course, is used as a beacon for other rates and investment products and credit.

If a customer buys real estate to invest, for example, he may be tempted to apply the available amount to a financial application that has benefited from the change in the Selic rate. Government policies that facilitate or hinder credit lines, the use of FGTS for purchases, and other nuances of the business also need to be understood.

The real estate market is a land with great opportunities for gain. The commission on the sale of a property can be equivalent to several salaries of an ordinary worker, for example.

But, to guarantee this success, it is necessary to stay on top of everything that happens in this market. So, do you need to share this knowledge with your co-workers? Use your social networks and be sure to mark them in the comments.