5 tips for brokers to understand the client’s profile

The success of a realtor and, consequently, of the real estate for which he works, depends on the quality of the service and on offering the client exactly what he is looking for. Understanding the client’s profile is essential, but it can be a challenge if the professional does not pay attention to some details.

In today’s article, you will see some important tips for analyzing the customer’s profile and being able to offer him exactly what he is looking for, leaving him satisfied with his service. Follow and start right now to change your service!

1. Always be prepared for the most diverse types of people

As you already know, in theory, people have different personalities and styles. And for sure you will experience the practice of this information every day in your appointments. So it is important to always be prepared for the next customer and not use that usual conversation with all of them.

After an appointment, take a breath, have a coffee and get ready for the next one with the awareness that you can meet a totally different person.

2. Speak little and listen a lot

As much as your client may like to chat, it is in the content and the way he speaks that the most important information is for you to trace your profile.

Therefore, the tip is to always listen more and speak less. Let the customer talk about what he doesn’t like, what his preferences are, the places he likes to go, etc. Any information you get about it will be important to use later.

3. Ask the right questions

Despite having to listen more, it is also important that you are not shy and ask questions at the right time to understand more and also to show your client that you are focused on looking for something compatible with your profile.

Ask personal questions, always taking care not to invade your privacy too much. The reason for searching for the property – if the family will inhabit it or if it will be purchased in order to be leased -, if there are preferences for size or style of the building or house are some questions you can ask as the conversation goes.

4. Observe and be aware of some pre-classifications

A good observer can also be one of the outstanding brokers for serving his client in the perfect way. Observe the person’s behavior and build your profile based on what you notice. You don’t have to ask everything to find out a few things.

There are some customer profiles that can guide you. Among the most common, are the couple who will buy the first property, the investor, the father/mother of the family who will take everyone to live together or will buy a property for each one, the researcher, who has already learned everything about the real estate market, and the young man who is starting to invest in real estate.

5. Learn and apply rapport

The rapport is a word of French origin that means affinity, harmony. This term began to be used by psychologists to refer to a behavioral technique that aims to improve human relationships, whether between customers and salespeople, or between couples, or any other type of relationship between people.

Learning the technique of rapport makes you immersed in the client’s world, understand your feelings and learn to think like him. On the internet, there are several contents presenting the technique, which offer very useful exercises for brokers who want to better understand who they are talking to and who they are selling to.

Understanding the customer’s profile is fundamental to doing successful business. Therefore, by putting the above tips into practice, the chances of quickly creating a profile and serving you promptly increase, as well as your customer’s satisfaction at the end of it all.

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