6 tips for getting ready and getting out of rent

As the prices practiced by the Brazilian real estate market are quite high, the moment of leaving the rent is very celebrated for a good part of the people. After all, acquiring your own property and no longer having to spend a large amount on the lease, brings tremendous relief to the household budget.

However, achieving this is not a simple task. It is necessary to plan well and give up some expenses, to finally add the amount necessary to make a solid proposal. Do you want to learn how to do that? So, check out the following content and discover 6 tips to get ready to get out of rent:

1. Cut superfluous expenses

It is highly recommended that you add a good amount of money to make a larger contribution and thereby reduce the remaining balance that will be divided into portions of any financing. So the first step in preparing to get out of rent is to make smart cuts in your spending. Eliminate everything that is superfluous and you may be surprised by the economy.

Cable TV packages, for example, are a tremendous waste. No one can take the time to watch a hundred channels. Switch to a more basic plan or simply cut your subscription.

House accounts can also make their contribution share. Turn off the lights, take less time in the bath and avoid leaving equipment on standby.

2. Consider real estate on the floor plan

Properties in the plant tend to have a fairer price than those that are already ready. In addition, they come with new installations and require less maintenance for a long time, which means even greater savings in the medium and long term.

Another positive point is that you can negotiate directly with the developer. In addition to offering some advantages, these companies are less demanding with the documentation to grant credit and open financing.

3. Evaluate used properties

Used properties cannot be discarded either. After the period of economic crisis, many homeowners are in need of money and can offer nice discounts, especially if you offer a robust offer.

In addition, some old houses and buildings have the best location, especially in large urban centers. This can be a tremendous differentiator for those who do not want to spend hours in a traffic jam to go to work daily.

4. Keep your feet on the ground

It is important that you do not shy away from your buyer profile when preparing to leave the rental. Pay attention to your income limit and avoid taking a step bigger than your budget allows. Be sparing with advertisements or promotional materials and keep an eye out to see if the property really is what you can afford at that moment, without leaving your financial reality.

5. Research ways of financing

There are several types of financing and, certainly, one of them fits your possibilities. With real estate credit, you have the advantage of anticipating the dream of acquiring your own home and can use the money you would spend on rent to pay off the installments.

So, you don’t have to wait decades to acquire your property, saving money while still paying the rent, which is very difficult. Believe me, real estate financing can be an excellent option!

6. Prepare the documentation to leave the rental

You need to have the documentation up to date to buy a property and get out of rent. In addition to having a clear name in the market, not being in the active debt records, you need to have your CPF and RG, in addition to your birth or marriage certificate.

In addition, you will be asked for proof of income (bank statement or the last 3 payslips) and proof of updated address. In case you are married, you need to present all of these items from your spouse as well.

These are some of the best tips for you to prepare to leave the rental. Did you like the content? Then, also check out this definitive guide to achieve the dream of homeownership!