Brokers: How to get more customers!

Imagine getting in touch to schedule a visit to a property when the person interested in the purchase, after probing the price, saw that it was not exactly what he was looking for and asked you to find an apartment with a more compatible profile. Situations like the one described can be common in the always busy day of realtors, but they are not desirable.

This is because they give the impression of disorganization and play against the conclusion of a sale, since they diminish the confidence of the buyer. With the use of the relationship rule, this does not happen. Check out how to get more customers with this strategy below.

The concept of relationship rule

To understand the relationship rule, just imagine the various stages of a sale, organized in logical order:

1. First contact or lead

You can arrive via phone, email, chat. With the use of technologies, it is also common for the lead to come from social networks. The intention of the probable buyer of a property, in this initial stage, is to obtain information about a certain product, or about the products available.

2. Prospect

Matured, the lead became a prospect. It’s time to direct you to the right property, according to the profile he drew and what you have in your portfolio. In this phase, the interaction is great: the prospect already has a relationship with you, the exchange of emails and phone calls is part of that moment that precedes the sale.

3. Customer

Previous steps fulfilled with distinction, you made a sale and won a customer! Celebrate a lot, but be very clear that this step does not finalize the deal. When selling a property, you still have all the after-sales to serve your customer well.

Advantage of adopting the relationship rule

Adopting the relationship rule in your daily sales will allow you to have each step of your service well defined. That is, as soon as you see a certain customer, you will know what stage of the ruler he is in and what the next step is to take to get closer to closing the sale.

Investing in relationships: a great way to increase sales

Selling real estate requires investment in time and relationships. If all goes well, you use the relationship rule and your talent, and the sale comes out first: you won. But, think that, due to several factors, the first sale does not always happen. Even so, by using the relationship rule and providing impeccable service, you will win. You have won a customer, who, when thinking about buying real estate, will most likely remember you. In both cases, loyalty will occur, and your sales, over time, will increase.

For each stage of the ruler, a type of conduct

It is important to keep in mind that, when identifying the stage of service, you must act to reach the next stage. As soon as the lead arrives, welcome him and provide all the information requested.

When you are in the prospect, send e-mails and messages with information about the properties with the requested profile (you just can’t exaggerate, huh! Filling the customer’s mailbox can seem like despair). Once the sale has been made, be at the customer’s disposal to answer any questions about the documentation process, financing, among other issues that may arise.


Captivating your customer is definitely one of the ways to sell more. And, maintaining a relationship with him is the best way to retain him. The relationship rule also serves this purpose: maintaining contact with the customer. Keep a record of the clientele with your interests, schedule emails with congratulations for commemorative dates such as birthday, Easter, Christmas, etc. Maintaining and managing a long-term relationship with your client will allow you to offer new properties, as well as being reminded for a possible second negotiation and referrals to friends and relatives.

How about starting to use the relationship rule in favor of your sales now? Don’t forget to leave your comment with your results!