Discover the 6 biggest advantages of financing

The immediate and most attractive advantage of real estate financing is that, through it, those who have not gathered enough resources to buy a property in cash, can still make the acquisition. And this acquisition can be done without much bureaucracy since the analysis for approval of credit lines is increasingly simple. There are several benefits to real estate financing; we’ve made a list here of what we consider indispensable to get you up to speed on the subject.

1. Immediate use of the financed property

Once the property has been chosen, and the financing request has been approved, it is time to celebrate. Nothing separates you from one of life’s greatest achievements, your heritage. One more point for real estate financing: make it possible for you to enjoy all the satisfaction of your acquisition in a short period of time. Quite different from expecting to add the total value of a house or apartment, a situation that can take even several years.

2. Maintenance of financial resources

It is always interesting to be able to keep a part of the financial asset in case any unforeseen event or business arises. When you choose to finance part of the value of a property, more resources are also left over to make improvements to the house or apartment purchased. For those who are going to buy a used property, this can be a valuable differentiator.

3. Saving for the future

An efficient way to save and invest with a guaranteed return is to finance real estate. Perfect for those who already own a house or apartment, financing another property can represent that incentive that was missing to increase equity. With the financing done, and already in possession of the property, it is possible to rent it: a good way to enter one of the most solid markets: real estate. In this way, time passes, the property is paid off and its valuation is a certainty. In other words, a smart way out for those who find it difficult to set aside an amount for the future and still realize the need to do so.

4. Get out of rent

Swapping rent for the installment of the loan means failing to put money where it will never return. It is practically a consensus: when it comes to getting out of rent, one of the shortest paths is the financing of real estate. You collect the value of the entry, choose a serious and committed financial company, present the required documentation, and then see life change.

5. Possibility to use your FGTS

Have you worked for more than 3 years under the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS)? Is the property you want to buy for residential use? Don’t have any property in your name yet? Do you live or work in the city where you intend to have the property? If the answer is yes, you can use the FGTS balance as an input when buying your house or apartment.

It is good to keep in mind that:  for the granting of this credit, the rules include:

  • That the property to be financed is in an urban area;
  • It has not been negotiated with FGTS funds (counted the last 3 years);
  • Fit in the value range contemplated with the use of the Fund (R $ 950 thousand in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. Real estate in the Federal District also follows this limit. For real estate financing in the other states of the country the limit is R $ 800 thousand).

6. Safe way to buy property

When real estate financing is contracted, guarantees and insurance are part of the package that accompanies the transaction. Insurance adds protection to your property since it covers physical damage that may occur during its term. One of the coverages provided guarantees protection in case of damage caused by storms, among other climatic phenomena.

Hiring a real estate financing is, in most of the real estate acquisitions, the broadest step towards the house or apartment that you intend to incorporate into the equity. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to the chosen financial: its transparency, solidity and reliability will translate into tranquility for you and your family.