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Discover the advantages of renting without real estate

Have you ever thought about the advantages of renting without real estate like nova city?

If not, know that it is possible to rent without intermediaries and that there are several advantages in this modality – for both the lessor and the lessee. Even if you don’t want to assume this role on your own, there are alternatives to not putting your property in a real estate agency.

This is because, nowadays, it is possible to have specialized platforms for rental in an autonomous way. This type of resource offers the solution of connecting landlord and tenant, without the need for intermediaries.

And the best part: the owner receives assistance in the administration of the rented property, ensuring security and legal validity.
Do you want to understand more about the advantages of renting without real estate? Read on!

6 advantages of renting without real estate

1) Reduction of bureaucracy and costs

One of the biggest advantages of renting without real estate is the reduction of bureaucracy. And, thus, you gain in time and money savings. For the lessee, the decrease in expenses is reflected in a cheaper rent. The landlord, on the other hand, does not need to pay for real estate services and brokerage fees. To give you an idea, real estate agents and brokers keep the first full rent. The owner only receives the other month of payment. In fact, real estate rates can reach 10% of the monthly rent. It is a considerable slice, which decreases the income of the owner and, at the same time, burdens the cost for the tenant. In addition, if the owner opts for a rental platform without real estate, it is possible to save even more. This is because it is not necessary to search for their own channels or promotion portals: the platform is responsible for the ad. Thus, the property reaches millions of users over the Internet, and the landlord has no extra advertising expenses.

2) Direct management of real estate

Management without intermediaries also saves time and money. Since there is no need to deal with the lengthy and costly processes of a real estate company, the owner can directly manage the lease of his properties. And, if the landlord has no interest or experience in managing it on his own, it is possible to rely on the rental platforms for this. With all the tools gathered in one place and correct legal procedures to manage the property, the owner has at his disposal everything he needs for autonomous, agile, and secure management. That is, it is possible to count the real estate management know-how, without the need to hire the services of a real estate company.

3) Definition of contract requirements

Another advantage of renting without real estate is that the terms of the deal and the requirements for the lease can be flexibly established. With direct contact between landlord and tenant, many demands made by real estate agents become unnecessary. Requirements such as minimum income, bond value or guarantor, for example, can be established in the best way for both. In addition, other contractual terms, such as rent discounts, the due date of the ticket and liability for extra fees, can be defined with more flexibility. It is worth mentioning that direct contact also has the benefit of enabling a greater bond of trust between the parties. As in any business relationship, this is essential to avoid conflicts, reduce contractual irregularities, resolve unforeseen circumstances and, of course,

4) Agility

Without bureaucracy, with less expenses and more malleability in negotiation, the landlord can find a tenant quickly. This makes the property more attractive to the tenant, who will have facilities in the rental process. In addition, with a digital platform, properties gain a lot of visibility. By integrating with other real estate portals and advertising sites, the platforms are able to reach people interested in the Internet. In this way, the property does not stand still in the market, satisfying everyone involved.


In addition to all the facilities for renting without real estate, the landlord and tenant gain in practicality. It must be kept in mind that, with the emergence and consolidation of the digital age, everything has changed – including the rental of real estate. In this sense, platforms appear in order to facilitate the process and real estate agreements. For this, they make it possible for the entire process to be done over the Internet; with the exception of the visit, which can be done in person. From the announcement, through the negotiation and formalization of the contract, to the management of the lease, everything is done online to ensure people’s comfort.

6) Security

One more advantage of renting without real estate is the tranquility of having an efficient system. And the fact that it happens over the Internet does not make the procedure risky; on the contrary, everything is done in a highly secure manner. The contracting process, for example, is carried out by means of a digital signature, which has cryptographic security features. This makes it possible to identify those involved and verify the authenticity and integrity of the documents with full legal validity. In addition, when finding an interested party for a property, the platform does all the necessary analysis of the reliability and the potential tenant before approving. For example, the credit analysis, criminal record and other personal information of the future tenant is carried out. As you can see, there are many advantages of renting without a real estate agent. If you think that managing the lease on your own can be risky or you don’t have time to dedicate yourself, count on Zimobi’s specialized online platform as a good solution. This way, you avoid the risks that all beginner management is subject to, and also get the advantages of renting without a real estate company. Know more about how  Zimobi works!