How to succeed as an entrepreneur broker?

The autonomous broker has numerous challenges in his daily life: economic instability, difficulty in having a client portfolio and the absence of links with real estate.

Given this, how to guarantee success in this profession? In this post, we list 6 tips for you to improve sales and guarantee your financial return. Follow us!

1. Keep an organized work routine

The self-employed broker has the advantage of being able to create his own work routine. However, it needs to be disciplined to ensure financial return.

Therefore, it is essential to organize working hours, set goals and comply with the tasks defined as priorities for each day of the week. Otherwise, any unforeseen event will become a reason to take care of your personal life instead of the professional.

Therefore, the appropriate thing is to use a physical or online agenda to record the commitments and cross out those that you have already fulfilled. In it, you must insert important information such as: telephone numbers of possible customers, meeting times and addresses of the properties to be visited.

2. Define the customer profile

There are numerous customer profiles in the business environment. Therefore, it is essential to understand the target audience that the self-employed broker intends to focus on. Would it be in class A, with luxury and high-end developments, or in-class C, that you can purchase properties through the “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” program?

According to the public’s profile, sales strategies and customer approach will also change, so it is essential to know the focus of action well.

3. Have a digital presence

As the self-employed person does not have a fixed headquarters, like a real estate company, he needs to find ways to advertise his products and services. Therefore, a practical and economical option is to invest in a digital presence.

The broker can create a page on Facebook and Instagram, for example, to advertise properties for sale and your contact phone number. It can also advertise its products and services on mobile applications. These are communication channels that help the professional to maintain a dialogue with possible clients.

In addition, it is also recommended to invest in a website to professionalize the business and make service via WhatsApp. After all, today consumers prefer agile service through messages.

These are practical and functional options for attracting customers, scheduling visits and maintaining a dialogue with potential buyers.

4. Know how to close a deal

The realtor must know all the negotiation steps and techniques to close a deal. Therefore,

It is necessary to attract customers, maintain a dialogue with them, offer suitable options for each profile and negotiate thesale of the property.

In addition, the self-employed professional must know how to guide the client on the necessary documentation for the purchase of the property and bank financing conditions.

If you do not have all this technical knowledge, you should study the subject or look for professionals in the field who can guide you.

5. Maintain an after-sales

After finalizing a sale, the self-employed broker must maintain a dialogue with the customer, by email or WhatsApp,

For example. Thus, it is possible to provide guidance, help with procedures and even be reminded of referrals for future customers.

6. Do the financial control

The success of any business depends on the performance of the professional, as well as efficient financial control. Therefore, the autonomous broker must organize the accounts and monitor the movement of money.

To do this, you can use Excel spreadsheets or finance applications, which make it easier to control the inflows and outflows of resources, the destination of money, among other functions.

In addition to monitoring the use of money, it is essential to keep at least the equivalent of 3 months of expenses. After all, the life of the self-employed broker is unstable and it is not possible to predict when the next trade will be.

It is also important to remember to pay Social Security and reserve a monthly amount for private retirement.

Ultimately, working as an autonomous broker requires dedication, discipline, efficient ways of attracting clients and financial control. Did you like this post? So, share it on social networks and help other professionals!