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Planning email marketing in real estate

Among the many strategies that brokerage professionals can adopt to increase their results, the proper planning of email marketing in the real estate sector is one of the most effective. This tool helps to send good offers, retain customers and make new sales or lease contracts. However, you can’t do that anyway. You need to follow some simple concepts for your mailing to be really positive.

Here’s how to plan your email marketing perfectly:

Define the audience

The first step in planning email marketing in the real estate sector is to define the audience. It is important not to pick contacts randomly; the idea is to create your own list to focus on people who really can and want to do business.

To do this, you can use your database of old customers, focusing on those who have not completed a transaction for mere details or who have not found what they were really looking for.

Recommendations from other networking professionals and people who are actively looking for a property should also be included in the mailing list. Remember to ask for authorization before sending the first message.

Qualify the mailing

You can also qualify your mailing. This can be done by getting to know the customer’s profile better and learning to identify their real needs and demands.

When a customer calls looking for a specific type of property and does not buy it, for example, it is interesting to keep his contact with the information of interest and then use it to segment his shots.

You can divide by:

  • localization;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • marital status;
  • approximate income;
  • profession;
  • price range of the intended property;
  • number of bedrooms;
  • existence of facilities;
  • preference for houses or apartments;
  • or whichever way you think is most effective.

Produce good content

Much more than a way to send offers and increase sales, email marketing in the real estate sector can be a way to send relevant content that piques the public’s interest.

As the messages in the industry tend to be very similar, this is a way to become more attractive and gain a differential in front of the competition.

Instead of creating a sort of classifieds, why not try to mix interesting offers with relevant articles on topics related to the real estate market?

Arouse curiosity, be short and to the point and don’t give away all the information: leave a link that redirects you to your real estate blog or to the property’s listing.

Set the frequency of shots

As we all know, over-sending e-mails can cause customers to simply not open the content or even give up on receiving their messages, leaving their mailing. Therefore, it is important to adjust your shooting tool to do this 1 or, at most, 2 times a week for the same person.

Time is also important, as sending on time can increase the number of views. In the real estate sector, the times with the best return rates are between 8 am and 9 am and between 4 pm and 5 pm. In terms of days of the week, what brings more possibilities for reading is Tuesday.

Analyze the rate of return

One of the great advantages of strategies that use the internet is that they are much easier to measure. Therefore, you must analyze the rate of return of your email marketing campaigns. See which links had the most clicks and which actually resulted in a negotiation. Also, evaluate how many customers came to the site and even how many contacts asked to leave the mailing.

That way, you realign strategies that are going wrong and reinforce actions that are improving your performance, making the most of the benefits that email marketing can bring.

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