First property

Properties for sale: how to choose your first home?

Buying a home among the properties for sale available to live can be one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. For this reason, most of the time, it is not such an easy choice to make. A home is often the asset that requires the most investment from the buyer.

Keep in mind that there are factors that should be prioritized according to your needs. With a few tips, buying the first property can become a simpler task.

What to evaluate in the first property


Before choosing a house or apartment to live in, analyze the location, schools and daycare centers (if you have children in the family) nearby, public transport, hospitals, shops and other facilities. It is valid to search some neighborhoods of your choice, which match your profile and that of other future residents. If you already have a predefined neighborhood, search more deeply about it, even listening to reports from those who have lived in the place for some time. Also search for the average price per square meter in the region.

It is worth remembering that the neighborhood that we dream of living is not always the one that fits in our pocket. In such cases, you can choose to budget in neighboring neighborhoods, which may also have varied options that meet your needs.

Type of development

Understand the real needs that you carry with you and analyze which property would be ideal to supply them. For example a family with two children and a couple, needs a bigger place than a couple without children. Assess the positives and negatives regarding the house and the apartment, as well as “open” locations and condominiums.

On the plant or used?

Another question of those who are going to buy a property to live in is whether to invest in an enterprise in the plant or ready. Some people are afraid to buy a property that is already built and already had former owners, due to possible future problems that may occur.

On the other hand, the price of this type of housing is usually more affordable than that of a house or apartment in the plan. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, make a good inspection of the house before closing a deal, to confirm that the property is in good condition.

The properties in the plant also have their good points. Starting to pay early and researching various constructions, almost all processes can be negotiated so that you can make your own home dream come true. Whatever your choice, a home requires care and, sometimes, repairs, either with the hydraulic or electrical system and with paints.

Evaluate the property

After choosing a home, assess the structural and documentary conditions. It is worth checking the electrical network, plumbing and infrastructure. Think about whether it is worth putting the savings saved up to now in the renovations that are pending, in the case of used properties, or if it is better to wait a little while to save more money and buy a more expensive home, which does not need so many immediate repairs.

Saving for the purchase of the first property

The habit of buying in installments further forces people to buy in installments. Going to a store and going out without leaving a debt is difficult. However, those who wish to buy the first property must do everything to pay the outstanding financial commitments and end the debts. The more you buy in cash during this period, the better.

The accumulated savings can also help with the purchase of the property, especially when it comes to entering the total amount. Your financial status is something that can change and, with money saved, it is also possible to stay a little further away from credit cards and overdrafts. It is not indicated to finance more than 50% of the value of the property, but the greater the down payment, the less time you will spend paying for the development.

Reflect carefully on the points mentioned and on items you deem necessary since this is a good that requires great participation on the part of the consumer. If you have any questions, leave a comment for us.