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Realtor: how to sell more in the crisis?

The Brazilian real estate sector has boiled over the past few years, and this is nothing new for anyone. However, with the current financial crisis, the number of trades has decreased – and the market seems to be finding a more stable reality, with less price variations and more consistency in the pattern of purchases.

This certainly made the life of the broker more difficult, making competitiveness higher. Even so, those who manage to differentiate themselves from the competition can circumvent the effects of the adverse scenario and achieve great profits. Want to find out how to sell more in the crisis? So, read on and check out our tips!

Invest in the quality of the service provided

As brokerage is an activity that deals with customer expectations and basically depends on abstract decisions, investing in the quality of the service provided is paramount. To do this in the best way, you should make contact with the buyer as easy as possible. Have at least one or two phone lines always available, and respond to your emails in the shortest possible time.

Using an application like WhatsApp can be a lot of work – but many people are more comfortable with this type of communication. The presentation is also preponderant. Although in hot places the suit is not essential, always being aligned and well-dressed is highly recommended.

Proper language is also a part of it – always be friendly and receptive, without forgetting to be courteous and polite. The key here is to build trust.

Use marketing as a strategy

In times of economic crisis, one of the most common mistakes is to reduce investments in advertising. Although it seems illogical, the right thing to do is to do the exact opposite – if the opportunities are scarcer, it is time to divulge even more and, thus, beat the competition!

In this context, a very interesting strategy is to make advertising material available in the property that is about to be negotiated, as well as in its surroundings. For that, illustrative brochures are a great idea – they cost little and can be distributed at will.

Color photographs and good resolution of the property are essential, as well as relevant data such as footage, number of rooms, bathrooms and suites, common areas of the building and parking spaces. Don’t forget to use the internet – nowadays, it is the first place where shoppers search. And be present on social media, an excellent alternative to strengthen ties with your audience.

Bet on innovation

If the scenario is of crisis and the competition is fiercer, whoever stays in it will certainly not be able to improve their results! For this reason, betting on innovation becomes essential for the realtor – don’t just offer the basics, do it differently!

Get to know your customer base better, look for businesses that offer something more than expected and make your potential buyers understand the new perspectives of the market. This way, you increase your chances of a successful negotiation and manage to create the rules of your own game. The result? Higher profits at the end of the month!

Always update

Constant updating is very important in any profession – and in the case of the realtor, this is no different. The good thing is that there are several efficient and inexpensive ways to do this – and this attitude can help a lot in times of crisis.

There are several books on the topic that can help – they are works on sales techniques, persuasion strategies and even compendiums of human psychology. Lectures and events on brokerage can also be very useful, helping the professional to stay on top of the latest market trends. Finally, the internet has multiple forums on the area – and they allow discussion of the current scenario, the sharing of information and greater professional development.

These are some tips that can help the realtor to sell more, even in times of crisis. Do you have any other suggestions? More questions? Leave your comment and tell us everything!