The 5 marketing mistakes the broker cannot make

Becoming a successful realtor is a task that requires commitment, study and specific skills. It is also necessary to avoid some common obstacles in the profession, such as marketing mistakes, which can affect sales and delay results.

Marketing is in fact very present in the daily life of the broker. This is because, as a professional, he needs to know how to balance the techniques of selling and negotiating with the best practices of disclosure and customer loyalty.

In this post we are going to talk about the 5 marketing mistakes that you cannot make to achieve success and excellent results as a realtor. Come on?

1. Prioritize newspaper ads

A few years ago, there was no better place to advertise than the newspaper’s classified section. So it is common for some more conservative brokers to still see this type of ad as an infallible sales formula.

However, with the increasing presence of the internet and the constant use of computers and smartphones, newspapers are no longer a gold mine when it comes to selling real estate.

2. Taking poor quality photos

Nowadays, it is common to use a smartphone to photograph a property, believing that it will be as good as using a compact digital camera. Unfortunately, the truth is that, however excellent a smartphone camera is, it will not have the set of lenses that a camera has, which will limit the notion of depth and affect the range of colors.

In addition, the photo format of the cell phone is not compatible with the standard size used on websites and real estate portals. So, when entering this career, buy a digital camera (there are great options for competitive prices) and worry about studying a little of real estate photography. A good photo is the first step to make a property attractive!

3. Forget about personal marketing

It is not enough to do just the marketing of real estate, you must sell yourself first. So, whenever you meet a client, dress well, be punctual, polite and demonstrate knowledge and professionalism. Simple details like maintaining an upright posture, looking into the eyes and showing empathy are essential to provide good care.

It is also part of the marketing mix to maintain a relationship with the customer that goes beyond the sale. Congratulations on the anniversary, sending messages on commemorative dates and continuing to be present even after the sale are attitudes that show professionalism and retain customers.

4. Neglecting the appearance of materials

When writing an email or message, do you check with a spell checker? When sending photos, do you check if they are beautiful and in good resolution?

This is all part of the impression your customer will have on you. So, be very careful with everything you send or publish. Make sure there are no typos, if you managed to get your message across clearly, and when making flyers or images for email marketing, always check that they are adapted to the proper size for reading and that they are not too polluted.

5. Limit ways of communicating with the customer

The realtor will deal with clients of all ages and styles. For this reason, it is he who needs to adapt to suit all profiles well. So, try everything and try to learn to use the tools that will bring you closer to the modern client, such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

One must be careful not to make simple mistakes that can cost a sale or a good relationship with the customer. Keeping up to date and knowing good marketing and sales practices are good tips to improve your performance and attract results.

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