The Top 3 Mistakes of Inexperienced Salespeople

The mastery of the sales process is the difference between average salespeople and excellent professionals. However, the good news is that this gift is available to anyone who accepts the responsibility for training and improving their skills.

But, how to eliminate initial inexperience or minimize its impact? The way out is to know the sales process well.

The steps of the sales process

During the sale, important situations occur to determine the outcome of the negotiation. The good performance of the professional will increase the chances of success.

  • Prospecting: the search for potential customers. A market analysis is carried out to identify potential consumers. After drawing a profile of similar characteristics between them, define ways to locate them, such as the internet, segment fairs, catalogs of companies, etc.
  • Qualification: You’ve found a plethora of potential buyers, but some of them are less likely to become effective customers. Then, define criteria to qualify them as financial condition, location, etc. So that you can give greater focus to those who really deserve it.
  • Presentation: this is the moment of truth, where the sale begins with the salesperson having the first contact with the customer, probing his needs and presenting the solutions. That’s where the sale really starts. Everything the seller does will be perceived by the customer as an extension of the company he represents.
  • Negotiation: the first impositions of the customers appear, wanting to improve the conditions presented by the seller. It is essential to know how to listen to what he wants, without showing impatience. But, know how far you can budge. The perfect negotiation is one in which both parties win.
  • Closing: This is a crucial moment. The buyer has already chosen what he wants and is about to close the sale. Use closed-ended questions that encourage the customer to define the sale. Avoid presenting several options so as not to hinder your choice. Get around possible objections punctually, without giving too much thought to the subject.

Main impacts of inexperience in the sales process

Run over of the stages

One of the mistakes that most contributes to the loss of a sale is overriding the steps. For example, talking about price at the wrong time. Before knowing the price, the customer needs to understand exactly what the product is and how it can be useful to him, only then will he be able to relate the cost to the benefit he will have. It is also very common for the seller to try to close the sale before all the buyer’s doubts have been resolved, which gives the impression that he wants to sell at any cost.

Ignorance of the product and how to make the sale

The lack of knowledge and qualification to carry out the work is one of the main problems in the process, directly impacting the negotiation of the product/service. Observe the attitudes of more experienced salespeople or those with better results. Don’t be afraid to ask what it does differently.

Another tip is to read books and articles on sales, for sure, the technical part will be very well explained. Also try to learn about the purchase process, from the customer’s point of view (knowledge of the problem, search for solutions, and consideration of purchase, comparison and decision).

Lack of loyalty and after-sales

One of the great problems of inexperience is precisely the lack of knowledge, which leads to other consequences such as: not being able to retain customers, due to the lack of sales skills and also, errors in the after-sales (even not being able to do it).

Conducting a sloppy sale drastically decreases the return of these consumers. Consequently, you will need to invest to win new customers, and this may not work, especially if your target audience is made up of a very specific and restricted group, that is, where there is contact with one another.

Don’t expect to be an expert in the sales process to start selling. “The feat is better than the perfect one”. Learn from the mistakes and successes of your walk and move on in search of the best results.

And you, have you lost any sales for not having observed the right moment to act? Leave your comment.