property sales

Uncomplicating the property sales process

The sale of real estate is a process that involves several steps, but there is no doubt that it is the ability to attract and win the right customer to know a property that closes the deal.

It is quite common that the acquisition of property – right away – discourages many people. This is because of bureaucracy and slowness. For this reason, making the sale process easier for the customer, from the beginning of the path, is a smart way to gain credibility and build a good professional reputation. In addition to increasing the number of deals closed, you naturally arouse the interest of other potential buyers.

Want to know what to do to optimize the sales process and close more deals? Check out our tips!

How to simplify the sale of real estate?

Every sale goes through some mandatory steps, regardless of the type of property or the target customer. Being so present and indispensable, it is necessary to know them, if the objective is to optimize them. Come on:

Search and attract customers

Prospecting and attracting customers corresponds to the stage of researching possible people interested in a particular property from its disclosure.

The way to advertise, of course, must be strategic. Invest in detailed descriptions and attractive photos to fill the eyes of customers and expand your range of marketing actions, counting on the internet as an ally.

Remember: expanding your reach and network increases your chances of converting into sales!

Convince the buyer

When we talk about conversion, we are talking, first of all, about convincing the potential buyer.

This does not mean pushing the sale, but showing the customer the benefits of buying the property, which adds value to the unit and makes him feel more likely to say yes.

Finalize the sale

Once the customer closes the deal, the finalization step is the most bureaucratic. It is the moment when the buyer selects the payment method and, in many cases, he resorts to financing.

It is also time to transfer ownership documents and pay taxes due. To avoid problems, the ideal is to conduct an inspection before signing the contract and have all documents separated and checked in advance.

What other actions optimize the process?

In addition to these tips, other actions are effective to streamline the sales path and encourage the buyer. Are they:

Have a digital presence

We have already mentioned the importance of being present on the internet. Investing in digital marketing is an inexpensive and efficient way to expand your audience. Through social networks, you can keep in touch with your customers and win new ones. But the mobile marketing you can send personalized offers!

The sum of all these actions diminishes its efforts to get interested parties to visit the units for sale.

Support the customer

Some steps are not the realtor’s responsibility, such as releasing the financing. Even so, it is important to assist the buyer even in those moments. Taking questions about documentation and certificates and giving tips for approval is an example of a good broker’s stance.

This approach makes the difference so that customers feel more secure throughout the purchase. In addition, you will be remembered as a differentiated professional – more than a mere salesperson -, a partner who made feasible and supported the realization of a dream!

Use technology

You have already seen how decisive technology is to simplify sales, update you and stand out in the market. In addition to the aforementioned tools, mobile applications and a management system help in organizing the broker’s life.

There are several alternatives available on the market, and it is recommended to have at least one of these resources to automate functions and minimize errors and obstacles.

With all this in place, property sales will be simpler and more advantageous, both for you and your customers!

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