What to observe in the interested parties during the visit to the property

Finding a good tenant is often not easy. This will probably be your first meeting with your new tenants. You can learn a lot about how they behave. Here we will list for you the points of attention that you must observe in the interested parties during the visit to the property.

You received the message from the person interested in renting your property, cleared your doubts and asked the five questions to eliminate unproductive visits and now you will meet the person interested for the first time. If any of the following situations arise, reconsider renting the property.

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 1. Habits

You can learn a lot by observing some habits. Did the interested parties clean their feet before entering? Were they nice? Did you see or feel if any of them smoked?
If they are educated, you can bet that they also have other good qualities as renters. In addition, it is better to rent your property to educated people.

2. Dissatisfaction with the property

Are they raising several problems about your property during the visit? If they are not already renting and are already complaining, imagine what it will be like when they are actually paying to rent.

3. In a hurry to find a place

Is the new tenant in a big hurry to find an apartment or house? Unless there is a good reason for the urgency, such as a sudden change of job or a serious problem with current rent, this can be a sign of a serious problem.

4. Arriving late for the visit

Did the potential tenant (s) arrive late at the scheduled time? If they are late for the visit, it may be a sign that they are not responsible or that they do not know how to schedule.

5. Difficult to Coordinate

Does the potential tenant (s) show any communication difficulties? Was it difficult to dialogue with them? Does it take too long to answer or doesn’t answer calls? Check why and think if in the future you need to talk to him. Will it always be complicated?

6. Who attended the visit

Did more people show up at the apartment than what was agreed? Will the lease be in the name of a relative? Make sure you understand who you are renting to and who will live in the property.
Make sure that residents are on the rental agreement. After all, you do not want people to live in the apartment if they are not on the lease.

7. Questions

Listen to the questions your potential tenants ask. These questions indicate what is important to them and how they prioritize things. Are they asking if the neighbors complain about noise or if there are bars nearby?

8. Complaints about current rent

Did the potential tenant speak ill of your current rent? What kinds of complaints did he make? Can you validate these complaints with these owners?

Generally, the relationship between landlord and tenant deteriorates very quickly when there are problems of money or behavior at stake. None of which you wish to inherit, take the opportunity to get references.

Now that you know what to watch for during your visit to the property, come and see how we can assist you in this process. The  Zimobi is a platform,  accelerated by Google, that helps landlords to rent and manage their real estate professional manner.